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2011-09-17 02:27 am
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Alastair's cellphone/email contact

[leave a message here to contact Alastair off-comm]


Hey, this is Alastair's voice mail. Leave me a message.


email to: akrajec @ [starktech's domain dot com]
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2010-11-23 03:06 pm
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Power information: the Oricalchos

Upon his power update, Alastair was granted the power he used to have when he served as a henchman for the sorcerer Dartz, the Oricalchos. However, because the Porter changes spirit and occult powers into superpowers, there are some significant differences in how it will work for him now compared to how it was back in the day.

background info on the Oricalchos )

what the Oricalchos will do in the City )

Questions? Please comment!
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2009-08-04 06:14 pm


Standard HMD post. Leave comments or ask questions.

Check out Alastair's reverse permissions post for information on his canon backstory.

That's all!
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2009-05-31 11:41 pm
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OOC: reverse permissions post

Rather than troll around every character's prior permissions post looking for any that apply to Alastair, I thought I would just put up his own - in reverse. These are the things that are permissable to know, do to, do with, or use against Alastair, regardless of superpowers.

dos and don'ts of dealing with Alastair )
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2009-05-20 02:47 pm
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2009-04-05 01:40 am
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ooc - character questions, part 2

((part 2 of 100 questions meme for characterization))

questions 53-100 )
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2009-01-25 10:27 pm
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ooc - character questions, part 1

((part 1 of 100 questions meme for characterization))

questions 1-52 )