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Name:Alastair Krajac
Birthdate:May 1
**this journal is for RPG purposes**

Character's Age: 21
Character's Birthday May 1st
Point Taken From: shortly post-canon
Superpower: linguopath - he can instantly understand and communicate in any language he hears or reads; already fluent in Croatian, English, and Japanese
Other Skills: an exceptional hacker and computer-savvy, a trained pilot (small craft and jumbo jets alike). Can repair his own motorcycle but isn't terribly adept at mechanics.

Personality: Alastair is snarky, mouthy, and snide. He still carries some residual anger from his rather messed-up youth, though he no longer feels the need for revenge on Kaiba nor a need to destroy the world. Mostly, he's bitter and regrets following Dartz, so he's unlikely to want to be put in a servile position ever again. He thinks he's independent and strong, but he is also lonely and would be better off with real friends who don't play him or use him. He is likely to be skittish and find it difficult to trust, but he'll hide it behind his pride and his snark. He tends to raise his voice a lot. He is gay but not flaming, proud and angry, but no longer out to destroy the world and steal people's souls. He has a lot of baggage and unresolved issues, but for now, he's just going about his life trying to pick up the pieces.

History: Hailing from the former Yugoslavia, Alastair lost his parents and then his younger brother Michael in the civil war in the early 90's. Alastair was plucked out of a Croatian refugee camp around age 10-11 by a man calling himself Dartz, who gave Alastair an education in all the skills necessary to be a mercenary of sorts. But Dartz was a sorcerer first, international shadow corporation head second, so he also trained Alastair to steal souls using an ancient magic said to be Atlantean in origin. For seven years Alastair prowled the world hunting souls for Dartz while maintaining his shadow corporation's mainframe until he finally got the chance to face Seto Kaiba, the stepson of the man who (allegedly) supplied weapons to the Serbs. Alastair sought revenge for his family's deaths against the current head of KaibaCorp, but in the end, failed and lost his own soul. But Kaiba, with two others, helped to bring down Dartz and rescue Alastair's soul. Since that point, he has been traveling Europe, living off the money his computer skills helped him to embezzle from Dartz.

Appearance: Tall, slender and lightly muscled, very red hair and gray eyes. His favorite clothing includes tight jeans, a skin-tight midriff-baring shirt, long motorcycle gloves, red leather boots, and a huge, flowy coat covered in superfluous straps and buckles. There is a green stone on a cord around his neck. At work he wears nicer shirts and sweaters with his jeans, but out clubbing his style is even more flashy. He has an expensive pair of sunglasses, alternate leather motorcycle gear for colder weather, and a sleek black helmet with full visor for riding. His duel disk is a bootleg, green and black with strange symbols on the disk face.

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