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OOC: Get to know Alastair

[From CNC application]

FANDOM: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (anime only, and lol dub)
CHRONOLOGY: post-canon, after he has traveled the world on his own for some time
CLASS: Hero to Anti-Hero. He doesn’t necessarily have hero tendencies, but he wants to try to do the right thing in his reformed state. However, without a strong role-model, he could slip back into old henchman ways.
ALTER EGO: Alastair Krajac, IT professional
POWER: linguopath - he can understand and speak or write any language he hears. He was already fluent in Japanese, Croatian, and English, he won't discover this power until someone speaks to him in some other language.

Hailing from the former Yugoslavia, Alastair lost his parents and then his younger brother Michael in the civil war in the early 90's. Alastair was plucked out of a Croatian refugee camp around age 10-11 by a man calling himself Dartz, who gave Alastair an education in all the skills necessary to be a mercenary of sorts. He became a skilled computer hacker, a pilot, and learned languages. But Dartz was a sorcerer first, international shadow corporation head second, so he also trained Alastair to steal souls using an ancient magic said to be Atlantean in origin. For seven years Alastair prowled the world hunting souls for Dartz while maintaining his shadow corporation's mainframe, though his ultimate goal was to take vengeance on the man who (allegedly) supplied weapons to the Serbs (making him responsible in Alastair’s eyes for his family’s deaths). However, in that time, Gozaburo Kaiba had been deposed and his military corporation turned into a gaming company by his stepson, Seto Kaiba.
Alastair finally got his chance to go against Seto Kaiba, battling him twice on the dueling field with the intention of taking his soul and having his revenge. The first time was a draw, but in the end, Alastair failed and lost his own soul. But Kaiba, with two others, helped to bring down Dartz and rescue Alastair's soul. Since that point, he has been traveling Europe, living off the money his computer skills helped him to embezzle from Dartz.
Wiki link for proof: http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Alister (canon never says what country he’s from, I chose Yugoslavia because of the timeline of the anime placing his home in a war-torn region in that time period)

PERSONALITY: Alastair is snarky, mouthy, and snide. He thinks he's independent and strong, but he is also lonely and would be better off with real friends who don't play him or use him. He is likely to be skittish and find it difficult to trust, but he'll hide it behind his pride and his snark. He tends to raise his voice a lot. He is gay but not flaming, but is disinterested in relationships. He has a need for speed – he is a trained pilot and rode around on a high-speed sport bike – and also is a bit reckless and hot-headed. Since he lived in L.A. during his formative teenage years, he has a thing for dance clubs and extreme sports. A normal Saturday night might find him dancing till dawn or hacking corporate mainframes for giggles.
He still carries some residual anger from his rather messed-up youth, though he no longer feels the need for revenge on Kaiba nor a need to destroy the world. Mostly, he's bitter and regrets following Dartz, so he's unlikely to want to be put in a servile position ever again. In canon, he only appeared twice in visual cameos post-redemption, so it is my choice to channel his anger that used to be directed at Kaiba toward his former master instead, since the other henchmen also canonically regretted their roles and wished to be forgiven for what they did to the series heroes. Alastair fled the hospital where he had been taken rather than face Kaiba in shame and regret, and is after that only seen once traveling Europe, and once visiting the ruins of his war-torn homeland.

When Alastair was brought to The City, he was wearing his usual (favorite) outfit: a slinky spandex half-shirt that shows his abs, tight jeans, motorcycle boots and gloves, and a huge, flowy coat covered in superfluous buckles and straps. He loves that coat, you will rarely see him without it. He also had his duel disk on him, but it's not KaibaCorp standard issue. In his pockets were his wallet, sunglasses, and a half-melted action figure, as well as his main Duel Monsters deck. He stands about 6 feet tall, very thin, but lightly muscled, with vivid red hair and gray eyes.